Urban Legends

         What would you do if you were looking for revenge and ended up involved in something unexpected, far beyond what you imagined? Under the skin of P.J., a journalist searching for answers about his past, walk through the desolated hallways of the abandoned hospital, Rosemary, while trying to survive against something known only as a legend: Jeff the Killer, the psychopath killer who is always behind you. Challenge madness itself, survive and escape, inside the game that brings a new meaning to the word suspense!



Genre: Suspense/Horror

Age: 16+

Gameplay: First Person

Single Player

Plataforms: PC

Languages: English, Portuguese-Brazil, French, Spanish,Norwegian,German, Romanian.


Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7;

Processor: 2.0Ghz;

Memory: 2 GB RAM;

HD: 1,3 GB;

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce serie 200 or better;

DirectX ®: DirectX 9;


Urban Legends





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